Mr & Mrs E Case Study

Basildon – May 2020

Being aware of their reputation followed by strong recommendations it was probably no surprise that that Mr. & Mrs. E contacted Regal Kitchens when they decided to extend their property in Basildon

With the aid of their sister company Regal Developments, they were able to help with the planning, building regs and everything else involved in realising the property’s potential.

When the architect plans were agreed, they asked designer John Martin, to assist with the kitchen design

After consultation they concluded that a large L shape kitchen with a huge island would be the perfect solution

John explains the design:

“We really wanted to make the most of the space that the new extension gave. And because we were involved in the build we were able to ensure the sky pod was positioned directly above the island taking full advantage of the natural light that this afforded.

A full set of appliances including tumble drier, bins and corner solutions (as well as compulsory wine cooler) really ticks every box.

The client wanted white handleless furniture, but because of the sheer amount of cabinets were concerned about being too clinical, so the use of light grey furniture was incorporated and with handles for the tall housings to make the tall fridge-freezer easier to open as these can sometimes be laborious with a handleless door.

The different quartz particularly the Cambria statement island piece really added to the beauty & magazine look of this installation.”

Mr & Mrs V Case Study

Danbury – September 2018

Mr & Mrs V had recently moved to the area, a European couple who were keen to keep a flavour of home and wanted German quality but with a more continental twist with their choice of door colour. They were interested in having hidden storage solutions if possible and hiding some pipework and an old boiler which was unsightly.

When Mr & Mrs V visited our Chelmsford showroom in May 2018, they had already knocked down internal walls and had everything plastered so were ready to have their new kitchen fitted as soon as possible. They didn’t think they had many options with layout so wanted the designers help to give them some inspiration. They love open plan living and they were trying to make the space more of a social area. They didnt really have a wish list but they really wanted Schuller as loved our showroom displays, they wanted to move forward quickly and have the kitchen complete in about 8 weeks. Mr and Mrs V loved all the different storage solutions that were available and wanted their kitchen to be practical as well as beautiful.

This had been an unloved house for a number of years, there were large boiler cupboards and exposed piping which were unsightly. Instead of trying to build around these older features we decided to hide them behind tall housings and still use the space to incorporate as many storage solutions as possible which is evident in the photography and was very important to the customer when thinking of a growing family in the future. The customer opted to have no draining grooves on their stunning white worktop to keep all the lines of the kitchen clean.

Our clients enjoy cooking therefore a full  set of Neff appliances were provided, including pyrolytic oven, flexinduction hob, integrated dishwasher, washing machine, fridge and freezer helping them get the most out of their new kitchen.

Mrs G Case Study

Epping – August 2019

We were approached by one of our regular property developers about a project he was starting in Epping, Essex. It was a retired client in a completely refurbished property who wanted a new kitchen plus utility area. The brief was passed to our senior designer to start work on, he then invited the client and the project manager into the showroom to ‘spec’ the kitchen.

It was a retired client who wanted a traditional kitchen but with modern gadgets and ergonomics. The client wanted an elegant, traditional look but lots of hidden storage solutions to help her enjoy her kitchen well into her old age without losing any functionality

The client settled on Grey Mist, painted timber furniture from our Italian collection. This gave us a light canvas to work from so we were able to really contrast the 30mm black granite with the pencil-edge against the 30mm white quartz with the single Ogie to accentuate the island . Georgian bars on the glass doors, traditional double butler sink, the cornice and pillaston really gave history to the room. Although it is a fantastic size room (25 sqm with an additional 6sqm in the utility) we wanted to make good use of the storage space so used internal drawers as well as large heavy-load pan drawer sets, with timber cutlery draw above and two larders with internal drawers. Perhaps though, the most impressive is the opening furniture at the side of the mantle over the range cooker, not only a feature but excellent additional storage capacity. designer, the customer wanted to house the wet appliances in a bespoke deep and wide larder in the utility room so they were away from visitors eyeline. A kettle tap, hidden recycling bins and a LED pop up plug really proved that style and function can successfully be achieved.


Mr & Mrs W Case Study

Date: August 2018 – Leigh on Sea, Essex

Customers Mr & Mrs W had just moved into a large Edwardian property that had been previously renovated but not very sympathetically. They originally had a white gloss j-groove kitchen but wanted something that reflected the overall look of the house and so went for a more traditional design. Mrs W was pregnant and incorporating the life of a family into the design was important for her when thinking of the future in their home.

Mrs W visited our showroom and immediately loved the In-Frame display which we had just finished at our Chelmsford branch. She also fell in love with the hand made shaker style kitchen which we had specially made for the showroom, the customer wanted a large open space as they wanted to maintain their social lifestyle as well as the new kitchen being practical for a growing family. The customer also asked Regal to carry out other building works within the property to help bring the designers creations to life.

We provided our clients with an exquisite bespoke unique two colour kitchen with an in-frame shaker style door. Their Designer added clever storage solutions in the way of magic corners, le mans pull outs as well as full larder pull outs and internal bins, he also incorporated an S-Box in Mr & Mrs W’s new Quartz island for ease of use of smaller appliances. The cabinets in the clients’ bespoke ornate mantle are fully working therefore maximising storage space above their new range cooker. The island finished in quartz utilised an overhang to seat up to six people comfortably and the wine cooler was added to the kitchen side so as to not affect the clean lines of the dining room in this beautiful open space. By removing a badly placed wall from an old extension we were able to open up the room and as the customer was pregnant she wanted a more open-plan environment so she could still use the kitchen whilst engaging with her family. 

Mr & Mrs Emerson New Schuller Kitchen in Benfleet, Essex

Mr & Mrs E have just finished having their Regal Kitchen installed in Benfleet, Essex. We undertook major construction work to build an extension for our clients so that they could achieve the kitchen and living space they have wanted for a long time.

Our Neff expert visited to give them tuition on their new appliances and cooked a three course dinner through our Regal Care scheme, to help them feel more confident in using all the functions and settings available.

This beautiful Schuller kitchen comprises of a full set of Neff appliances and Insinkerator 4 in one tap, it also uses many different space saving and storage solutions from Hafele, making it practical as well as beautiful. Credit to PM2 Media who put together this wonderful video for us and John our designer whose vision helped bring the customers ideas to life.

Special thanks to go to our installations team on site, especially Dan and Phil who worked tirelessly on the build and the team in the office who kept the whole project running smoothly throughout. This is the 3rd kitchen we have installed for this client in different locations which helps to show that we live by our motto ‘where client is king’