We conducted some of our own research and discovered that a high percentage of people didn’t feel like they knew enough about all the functions of their home appliances to use them properly, with a quarter saying they don’t know the difference between oven and the grill, and some saying they don’t know how to work the temperature switch on their fridge.

With this in mind we launched an exciting new tier to our customer journey. ‘Regal Care’ which was designed to help give customers one to one tuition on their new Neff appliances in their own home. We send our home economist, armed with groceries, to cook a 3 course meal in the customers brand new kitchen to give them a hand-on experience and show them what their new appliances are capable of. This ensures the customers gets the full benefit of their upgraded appliances as well as Regal keeping to their promise…’Where client is King…’

Our home economist completed 100 of these tuition sessions in 2022 and the number is still climbing.


Regal Care Leaflet Front

Regal Care Leaflet Back


The Cookaholics Club is a locally based community of like-minded cooks, friends and food enthusiasts who share the same passion for cooking. We have set up a dedicated Facebook group called ‘The Regal Kitchens Cookaholics Club

Visit The Facebook Group

This is a great place for our customers to share recipes and any foodie news as well as hearing about any new events we organise as well as articles that are food and kitchen related.

We hold regular live workshops and cookery demonstrations in the showroom which are always very well attended, these usually involve a local food entrepreneur, cooking live in store using the working Neff appliances we have on display.


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Muffin Makery Cookaholics Club Jan 26th A4

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