Connected Kitchens – Simplifying Complexity

Smart technology is increasingly part of daily lives, and the latest place it’s making its presence felt is in the kitchen. Traditional kitchen appliances, such as fridge freezers, washing machines and ovens, are increasingly embracing WI-FI connectivity. In fact, most of the big oven brands, including Neff, already have several smart appliances in their ranges.

From an increase in home working to a renewed appreciation of our homes, the pandemic had many lasting impacts for the UK population, one of the most significant shifts has been an acceleration in the production and use of digital and smart technology in our homes.


According to a survey of 2000 adults back in 2019 by ‘Smart Home Week’ 57% of homes had some sort of smart device that controls home appliances such as lights, security or a vacuum cleaner. It also found that 4 out of 10 people use smart technology to watch their television and a further 1 in 3 control their music at home with a gadget. Whilst the majority of smart homeowners use their tech whilst inside their property there are roughly 1 in 6 who use this remotely to set their heating or kettle before returning home.

If this was the way of the world 3 years ago then we would anticipate that those numbers have increased dramatically by now. Across the board, from laundry to cooling to cooking, app remote control is increasing in prevalence for its convenience and ability to make our lives easier.

Voice activation and control is highly desirable and remote control and status updates are important to allow users to check on their appliances or amend, stop and start programmes from outside of the home. When looking at refrigeration, wouldn’t it be great to get alerts if the door has been left open ? Or be able to turn on a super cool feature before you return from a big shop for the quick cool down of groceries?  Which will ultimately help reduce waste and your food will last longer.

The oven that tells you how long it will take to cook your roast beef and then lets you know when its ready, or the integrated cooking system where the hob has a dialogue with the hood to ensure the extraction speed is automatically adjusted will be the norm very soon.

Home Connect from Neff can help you control your home appliances easily, from the washing machine to the oven, coffee machine to the fridge, or dishwasher to the washing machine, The Home Connect app gives you access to all the relevant information at any time. It can not only switch your appliances on and off, it can also select programs, adjust timers, set appliances to eco mode and much more.

NEFF and Home Connect partners are making it possible for cooking aficionados to tailor connectivity to their creative needs. Control your oven through voice assistant, when your hands are full of delicious ingredients. Alternatively, set the right mood for dinner remotely via your phone, with Ambient Light on a NEFF hood and wow your guests on arrival with a light that enhances your most celebrated dish. These are just a few of many possibilities in the NEFF meets Home Connect universe.

To find out how Regal can help you incorporate these clever appliances in your new kitchen design visit our showroom or contact our helpful staff for more information.