Kettle Taps…what is all the fuss about?

Boiling water taps deliver instant hot water, meaning you’ll never have to boil a kettle again. But are they worth the spend? What benefits, other than speedy service, can they offer? Are all kettle taps the same? …And should you include one in your kitchen transformation?

Kettle taps use the mains cold feed to store water within a tank which is fitted in a kitchen cupboard, usually the one underneath your sink. The tank is plugged in at the mains and connected to your water supply meaning hot water is available on demand, there’s no need to wait for a filled kettle to boil as each time you turn the tap, hot water is produced instantly.

But could this mean the end of the kettle? Most of the adult British population drink tea or coffee every day, several times a day, and if all households replaced their kettle with a boiling water tap, it could soon make the kettle a thing of the past.

Advantages of a Kettle Tap

The convenience of a kettle tap is one of its biggest advantages. No more waiting around for the kettle to boil, with boiling water instantly available from a hot water tap it suits the busy lifestyle many of us now lead. Kettle taps are great for more than just cups of tea or coffee too, in the home you can fill pots and pans for cooking, sterilise baby bottles, rinse plates and cutlery and even thaw food. Hot water taps are also a great benefit in staff kitchens, reducing the amount of time it takes to make a drink and return to your desk, a valuable investment that can often pay for itself in a short amount of time. If you find lifting and pouring with an everyday kettle difficult, a hot water tap will be much easier and safer for you to use.

These taps can dispense either cold and boiling water; cold, hot and boiling (or nearly boiling) water; or cold filtered water, mains cold and hot water, and boiling water. This means you can have one tap to replace not just the kettle but traditional kitchen taps, too. Perfect if you’re designing a minimalist, contemporary kitchen or have little worktop space in a small kitchen.

Boiling water taps can help you kick your single use plastic habit…How? Some of these taps can dispense chilled fizzy water, so you can instantly reduce plastic bottle usage and make more space in the fridge, too.

As well as saving time and plastic, a kettle tap saves water too. Most of us overfill the kettle every time we use it, and sometimes the leftover water from the last boil is emptied out and replaced with fresh water, so you can imagine the water and energy that goes to waste with a kettle. So, it’s about time the kettle was replaced with a more up-to-date and convenient upgrade.

The Dutch-designed Quooker was the first ever boiling water tap. It delivers true 100°C boiling water. You can double down and add a Quooker Cube, which dispenses sparkling and still chilled water from the same tap.

The Fusion’s control is an easy-to-grip textured metal ring just above the lever. You push the ring down twice to unlock (that’s the childproofing) then turn it to control. An LED light ring glows red to indicate that you’re on boiling water mode.

Push the ring down once and it lights up blue for filtered cold water. This is also how you dispense chilled and carbonated water if you have the Cube add-on.


While a kettle costs around 2.5p per boil, Quooker says that their boiling water taps cost just 3p per day to run on standby. Quooker does not use boiler technology, but instead uses a unique patented vacuum flask tank, which holds water under pressure at 110°C, so that it is dispensed at a consistent true 100°C boiling. Running costs will also include replacing the filter cartridge on average every six months (dependant on usage)


With boiling hot water available at the twist of a handle, you may be wondering just how safe a boiling hot water tap is. Due to safety concerns, a lot of people are put off by the idea off a boiling water tap. But, there’s no need to worry as most boiling water taps incorporate safety features for peace of mind.

Most boiling hot water taps feature a sprung safety handle, which means you can’t just turn the handle like you would for normal hot and cold water. To release the boiling water, you need to press the safety button down and twist the handle whilst you fill up your cup or pan. Once you release the handle, it will spring back to the off position and the water will stop. So, if the button is not pushed down, or if the handle is released, the boiling water will not pour out, and you can’t accidentally leave it running. An instant boiling water tap delivers water at a lower pressure to prevent the water from splashing.

Using a steaming hot water tap, or combination tap, is a safe way to heat hot water for use in the kitchen. It makes the kitchen worry free as it eliminates the kettle and its trailing cord, hot cooking zones or naked flames from a gas hob. It also makes everyday tasks much quicker, convenient and efficient, while eliminating the time and energy lost waiting for the kettle to boil and saving precious worktop space.

Any Disadvantages?

The price of kettle taps is the main sticking point for consumers and although the initial cost can seem considerable in comparison to buying a household kettle, it really does depend on how much a boiling water tap will be used. If you are only going to use a hot water tap once a day a kettle will be cheaper but if you were to make several hot drinks a day then you stand to save on your energy bills.

As mentioned above, kettle taps cost approximately 3p a day when left on standby and the cost to boil a kitchen kettle is about 2.5p a litre. Boiling taps can initially cost between £200 and £1000 though, depending on the type and whether things like filters are included. It is recommended to replace filters at least every six months and although it is possible to fit a boiling water tap yourself, it can be complicated so you do need to consider the incorporating cost of filters and if you employ a qualified plumber too.

Over the last year every Regal client we have provided a boiling hot water tap for say it’s the best and most used product in their new kitchen, they are all happy they have ‘taken the plunge’ into boiling water!


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