Kitchen Trends 2020

Is planning a new kitchen on the horizon for you in 2020? Whether you are planning a complete redesign or just want to modernise what you already have with some easy updates…here are 5 ideas to get you started…

Clever Storage Devices

In a time when we strive to declutter to for our overall wellbeing, storage is key. Nowadays, we seem to need so many ‘things’ from the ingredients to cooking equipment in our kitchens to help prepare meals. Well-placed, concealed storage is a saviour for the aesthetic of our kitchens.  John Martin, head designer at Regal Kitchens in Navigation Road, Chelmsford, predicts that one of the most desired design features in 2020 will be the kitchen larder.

Rather than being tucked away in a closed off cupboard or utility room, larders and pantries are taking centre stage this year, tall pull out larders that can hold all your dry goods in one place and can easily be seen will make you more organised and less wasteful when shopping.

Greens and Blues

For a long time, the interior design colour of the moment seems to have been grey, but dark blues and exciting greens look set to overtake it in the popularity stakes. With Pantone choosing Classic Blue as its colour of the year 2020 you’ll be very likely to see a lot more of it in interiors magazines and featuring on property development shows on TV.

Navy kitchens look elegant and stylish, always think about contrasts when it comes to colour to maintain a balance between light and dark

You can also expect to see more green in kitchens going forward, this could be in the form of accents or wallpaper, but its increasingly likely to take the form of tiles and cabinetry in tones of emerald and forest green.

The trend for bold dark hues was prominent throughout 2019, and as we move in to 2020, green kitchen cabinetry is set to be a new, key style, Green can be equally dramatic and luxurious when used in the kitchen, and many manufacturers have started producing cabinetry in deep forest greens which can be balanced out with latte shades, smoky glass and soft metallics to bring opulence to the kitchen. Design aspects like lighting and worktops, or even accessories, help to bounce the light around the space and offset the heavier hues.

Statement Lighting

Lighting has more freedom within the modern kitchen than a few years ago, statement pendants are being used to finish most open plan living spaces. While the use of spotlights or down-lights are still key, there’s a trend for making the kitchen feel more like our living rooms – lighting plays a key role in this. 

Stylish light fittings will look great whether they’re switched on or off, but its also worth bearing in mind how light can affect the mood of a room, the colour of your lightbulbs will make a big difference. It is also worth including some lighting that’s bright and functional so that you can see what you’re doing when preparing food and another fitting for a more ambient glow when its time to relax 

Statement floors

The trick here is to let the floor do all the talking – and keep everything else relatively minimal. A modern kitchen can be styled with handle-free cabinetry in one of the colour tones that feature in the tiles. 

Statement tiles can be extremely effective when zoning an open-plan kitchen. They can contrast beautifully against wooden planks or carpet which can help bring warmth to the bright space.

Avoid wall cabinets with statement floors – use open shelves instead – and top any strong colour base units with a sleek white work surface.

Open Shelving

In kitchen design, the use of raw materials which are rich in tones and texture will definitely continue to rise in popularity for 2020 and still in keeping with an ‘industrial style’

Having some open shelving with crockery, pans or dry food stuff on display can be a nice way to add charm and character, especially if you’re not a fan of a sleek and clinical look. This is also a good trick in smaller rooms, where the light and space can make your kitchen feel a lot bigger, having some open shelves is a welcome chance to release your inner interior designer.

Wherever it is in your kitchen, leaving some space for artwork, plants and other decorative objects helps the rook look less functional and more lived in.