Work Placement – Lydia

I have always been a creative person, with a love of art and fashion and enjoyed many years working in London mostly as an Event & Conference Coordinator for a large corporate bank. Very unexpectedly however, I suffered a Sepsis related illness, and I was left with life changing disabilities. It turned my healthy and fun life as I knew it upside down and I worked hard at rebuilding my strength. I experienced some time using a wheelchair and I now wear prosthetic legs and use a prosthetic hand.

Over the years I have learnt to adapt to new and different ways for everyday tasks with the want to regain my independence back which was so important to me. I have gained much understanding of how good and well thought out design can really impact a person’s daily lifestyle and wellbeing. With Interior Design always being a passion of mine, I enrolled myself onto a BA Hons Interior Design degree course and I have almost completed my second year. It has opened my eyes even more so, the need for adaptable spaces for all types of less abled people and the importance of feeling welcomed and included. Not all disabilities are the same, they are all personal to an individual.

I can empathise that if a space has options such as a high and low countertop, easy grip handles, touch screens, a lift and stairs amongst so many other things, a person can be happy and feel independent without relying on someone else to do a task for them. It is inventive and refreshing to see when a room has been well designed for everyone to use without the design looking like a typical disabled sterile and clinical room. Innovative designs can aspire others to create more inclusive environments. 

I am really looking forward to learning all about kitchen design on my work placement with Regal Kitchens and hope I can use my gained adaptable experience to help with designs. 

Lydia x